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With Physio Motive

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy aims to optimise your function and wellbeing in a pain freeway as quickly as possible. We treat a wide range of patients of all ages who suffer from weakness, pain or even vertigo. Here at Physio Motive we will work closely with you to achieve your goal whether that is improving your mobility, returning sport or even work.

Why need physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an evidence based profession that use treatments that are proven to work. We are well educated, highly trained practitioners that use a 'problem solving approach' to find the cause of your pain/problem and work with you to fix and prevent recurrences.

Benefits of physiotherapy

✔  Reduce your pain
✔  Improve your function
✔  Improve your movement
✔  Improve balance
✔  Improve your confidence to move
✔  Improve your strength via exercises
✔  Help recovery following injury/surgery
✔  Reduce your vertigo
✔  Educate

What to expect from Physio Motive

During the initial physiotherapy appointment we will firstly discuss your problem to gain a deeper understanding, followed by thorough assessment.
We will then educate you on the diagnosis and agree on appropriate treatment, set realistic goals and prescribe a tailored home exercise plan. You will also be told how many treatment sessions you will likely need and time period of recovery.

Home visits are available. Please contact us for more details.  

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