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Sports Injury


With Physio Motive

How can we help with sports-related injuries?

Physio Motive sports injury clinic is focused on getting you back to peak performance as quickly as possible. Having to retire from professional sport due to injury himself, understands the frustration felt by injury keeping you from being able to play your chosen sport / leisure activity. 

We will take a detailed history about the injury and perform sport specific treatment/rehabilitation to get you back playing.

What common injuries do we treat?

✔  Ligament
✔  Muscular 
✔  Tendon
✔  Meniscus 
✔  Golfers elbow
✔  Tennis elbow 
✔  Achilles tendinitis
✔  Fracture 
✔  Plantar fasciitis 
✔  Joint dislocation 
✔  Couch to 5k/park runners 
✔  Shin splints 
✔  Weight lifting injuries

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