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Reviews from PhysioMotive Patients

A fantastic new physiotherapist in Sudbury, Bradie worked on my rotator cuff injury and gave me some exercises to do in my own time.  After 1 week I was able to swim again without pain.  This was the first time I have had physiotherapy and I would highly recommend Bradie.

I am a 67 year old female suffering from a rheumatic condition called Polymyalgia Rheumatica. When I broke my ankle, Bradie's knowledge, kind, caring professional help was invaluable. With the right amount of strong encouragement when something seemed too scary to do, he has enabled me to walk & drive again which has restored my confidence. His continuing treatment also helps relieve my painful condition. It has been necessary for me to have home visits when I have felt nothing but safe and comfortable in his care.

I have only had seen Bradie a couple of times and he has already worked wonders on my shoulder as well as my knee.
I would highly recommended Physio Motive. Very knowledgeable, happy and welcoming.

It was my first visit to see Bradie today. 
Great consultation, very thorough check up.  Immediate answers to the problem and a fantastic personality.
He was very informative and I am glad I went. I have been given exercises to do and will be back in 3 weeks for a check up. Many thanks Bradie. I will happily recommend.

I would highly recommend Bradie, he’s very professional and full of knowledge. Very positive and helpful with reaching your goals.

I had 8 appointments following a car accident that caused lower back problems. 
I had pre-existing issues with my back but it had been made dramatically worse after the accident.

After my 8 sessions I was surprised and so happy to have no pain. I've gone years with discomfort and restrictions to my movement but this was the most beneficial thing I could have ever done regarding my back. 

Bradie is very lovely and happy and always made me feel comfortable and hopeful. 

Had an appointment for hip flexor pain with Danny. He was really fantastic and the exercises that I was given have helped me a lot. Thanks guys, I’ll be recommending you if I know anyone who needs physio!

I have suffered from shoulder pain for 4 years. Having seen the GP, another physio and a chiropractor who couldn’t sort the problem I thought I was just stuck with it. However, on my first visit to Bradie he instantly diagnosed the issue and now 6 sessions later I am pain free! I cannot recommend Bradie highly enough!

Very professional and make you feel welcome full of knowledge, willing to help you reach them goals and get back on the mend. Bradie Clarke is very thorough and professional recommend him to anybody who needs that little help to reach that 100% peak fitness.

Bradie came highly recommended to me by another local physio, who suggested I look for someone with greater expertise after a long standing running injury. We spoke on the phone before my first consultation where he assured me that he could help me. I’ve only seen Bradie twice so far but he has made a huge difference already. Bradie has taken the time to explain in detail how to combat the injury and set me on a path to achieving full fitness again. He offers a reliable and personable approach and I would recommend him to anyone struggling from an injury that they can’t seem to get rid of.

Bradie helped me after a car accident with my back, couldn’t recommend him more, friendly helpful and efficient service.

I’ve seen Bradie for the last few months for treatment of a shoulder injury following a car accident. Initially I hadn’t realised just how restricted my movement was but after a few sessions and committing to the exercises I was given I noticed a great improvement. I’m now able to continue my normal activities with no pain. Thank you for your help and good advice!

I won’t hesitate to recommend Bradie's Physio services to friends and family, thanks for the treatment you gave me, the treatment massage and exercises has definitely helped my recovery from whiplash. 
I felt that Bradie listened well and his assessment of the injury was good, he applied his knowledge of the body to the excellent massage. 
It was always a pleasure to see Bradie as his service was given in a very personable way, cheerful and with good energy.
All the best with the business in these challenging times.

I would highly recommend Bradie after being in his care since last year having been involved in a car accident.
Bradie took the time to work out the best plan of action for me to build on my recovery. Working within the gym was an added bonus as we were able to use the equipment.
I found him to be very knowledgeable which helped my understanding of the exercises he recommended I do between sessions.
Thanks again Bradie for your patience and support.

I cannot recommend Bradie enough, after just one visit and specific stretches that Bradie advised would help, I have been able to run pain free for the first time in 4 months!

I highly recommend Bradie as a Physio. I managed to slip on a wet floor and jolted my back. After a month of waiting for a Physio on NHS I was given Bradies details from a colleague at work. On our 1st session Bradie was able to detect what damage I had done and gave me a set of excercises to do between sessions and he answered any questions. I was in agony not able to sit for any length of time. I had irritated 4 of my discs in my spine and with Bradies help I am on the road to recovery. He has made such a difference to my back and I am able to do things I couldnt before. He is so professional and although I am still having Physio with him - the difference to me in 2 sessions is incredible. Highly recommended.

I have only had seen Bradie a couple of times and had already work wonders of my shoulder as well as my knee.
Would highly recommended Physio Motive. Very knowledgeable, happy and welcoming.

I had my first session with Bradie, he identified the problem with ease explaining everything in great detail so that I understood, and we are now working towards rehabilitation ( rotator cuff issue) looking forward to our next session. Cheers mate.

I highly recommend Physio Motive. I have used this clinic several times and always receive highly professional and individual care. Good physios are hard to come by and having found this clinic I refuse to be treated anywhere else! Thanks again Bradie.

Bradie is very good at easing all my aches and pains after a workout in the gym. my neck and back have improved a great deal since I have been seeing Bradie. If you suffer with Dom's Bradie is the man.

I can highly recommend Physio Motive. I have been seeing Bradie for over 18 months for on going lower back pain. He has a calm and patient manner and always takes the time to explain what he is doing and why, in a clear and comprehensive way.

I have been having physio with Bradie for about 9 months now due to being involved in a car accident and suffering with extreme back pain. Every session Bradie takes the time to go through detail about the level of pain I have been in and where the pain is, always assessing me before and after and goes into detail about the muscles affected and the best exercises to achieve recovery. 
I have used the app to book my session several times and can not believe how straight forward it is.
Bradie is professional, understanding and knowledgeable. He has a lot of patience and the level of care received is exceptional. 
I would highly recommend Bradie for all of his services.

I would highly reccomend, highly professional, high quality equipment with exceptional knowledge and skill. I had knee problems and with 1 simple visit and some excuses I did at home it was fixed.

Having had trouble with pain in my right knee I went to Bradie for help and advice. Fantastic consultation and explained everything to me in great detail. Had a few 1 hour treatments with Bradie over a few weeks with expert treatment and exercise advice..To make things easier for me it was done at my place of home. Thankfully now the knee is in great shape and I couldn’t speak more highly of Bradie and his expertise and knowledge that he has. I would highly recommend you go see him if you ever have any injury or pain and need help. Top bloke too.

Got straight to the point didn’t try and exaggerate the session was simply looking for the best road to recovery for me.
Top Bloke and Top Personality.

I can highly recommend Physio Motive and Bradie Clarke. I saw Bradie several times for both a rotator cuff shoulder injury and also a very stiff and uncomfortable neck, which was stopping me from sleeping. He is such a lovely guy, immediately puts you at ease, is very professional and explains everything so well. He worked on both my shoulder and neck and gave me strengthening exercises to do. He is extremely knowledgeable and informative. And I am pleased to say that he has sorted them both out and I have no pain any more. He is great! If you have any aches or pains I urge you to go and see Bradie - I cannot recommend him more highly.

After seeing a healthcare professional for over 3 years for a neck/shoulder issue which didn't seem to be getting any better, I was recommended to see Bradie.

I was very worried & nervous on my first visit, as I do not like change/new places & people etc.
But why was I worried?? 
Bradie was very calm, gentle and considerate. He always explained things to me before carrying them out, which put me at my ease.

I have had now 8 sessions and all things seem to be great.

Why did I waste over 3 years elsewhere?

Don't today.

I honestly cannot recommend physio motive enough!!!
Following a car accident 18 months ago, and receiving treatment from a previous physio, with no results I was put in touch with physio motive/Bradie.
after 14 sessions, Bradie has relieved and strengthened my back, and I felt human again!. he has then followed my treatment up further with a personally designed gym program to continue and strengthen myself.

Bradies knowledge, experience, friendly persona and magic hands are fantastic and I feel happy to know I can return if needed.

I’ve recently been to see Bradie about my dodgy knee which I have suffered with for years. He instantly pinpointed the problem and gave me very clear exercises which he went right through with me and wrote down so I could continue them at home. He’s a very approachable and lovely person and I would definitely recommend him to others.

First visit to see Bradie today. 
Great consultation, very thorough check up.
Immediate answers to the problem , fantastic personality .
Very informative, glad I went. 
Exercises to do, back in 3 weeks for check up. 
Many thanks Bradie . 
Will happily recommend .

Bradie helped me get back on track with a rotator cuff issue I'd been struggling with towards the end of last season .. with a few sessions, following sound advice and working with him on strengthening and increasing the range of motion in my shoulder I was very happy to be back training and fully fit again . 
Thanks again.

Thank you Bradie for all your help in getting me back on track. I have seen a few physios for my injury and you have far by a mile been the best! Not only have you helped me with my knee, you have given me back my confidence and that I can't thank you enough. Keep up the fantastic work.

Fantastic with children - highly recommend.

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